Home Energy Assessments:

Single unit pricing:

Portland/Milwaukie: $139

Hillsboro: $169

Multi-unit Pricing:

Portland/Milwaukie: $115/unit

Hillsboro: $135/unit

Please note: All units must be on same property for multi-unit pricing, each unit need scores as long as each unit has it's own address. Only side by side units need scores, as other units above or below the subject unit in question cancels out the scoring model. ADU's detached do not need scores, only main house needs a score. If the main house has an ADU within the main house, then the ADU is scored as part of the main house.

Floor Plans:

Total sq.ft. up to 2,000 sq.ft. : $175

Total sq.ft. over 2,000 sq.ft. : +$25 per each additional 1,000 sq.ft. tier

Each additional floor beyond the main level: +$50

Garages and decks, we will add to the total sq.ft. pricing model.

For Multi family properties, including ADU's, we offer a $75 discount off of the standard pricing model, for each additional unit after the first.

Call or text Donny for pricing outside of the Portland Metro at:

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